Where do gold mining companies in Africa sell their gold?

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Most gold producers anywhere in the world will send their gold to a refinery to have it refined into four nines gold. That is 99.99% gold, which is the purity in which it is traded.

You should be able to buy gold from the mint in your country in various forms from gold coins weighing perhaps half an ounce to gold bars weighing in at 50 ounces, possibly larger.Buy Africa Raw Gold Online

The only people that may sell gold straight out of the ground are prospectors who have found nuggets whilst prospecting or criminals who have stolen it.Buy Africa Raw Gold Online

If you buy a nugget from a prospector, it will not be 99.99% gold, but you will likely pay a premium for it because of its unique natural character. However beware, there are unscrupulous people out there who create “nuggets” by pouring gold into a mould to make it look like the real thing and charge the premium associated with the natural object.BUY AFRICA RAW GOLD ONLINE

My advice would be, play it safe and buy from the mint in your country or a reputable gold trader.

Gold mining companies in Africa, when we speak of  companies with 50–100 people employed, and good organization, they sell their gold to best refineries in the world, to the dealers and to the clients who have signed up contracts of pre-financing or forward gold production.

Such companies are certainly not looking where to sell gold, as that subject “where to sell” is solved for the mining company before they even start mining. Gold market everywhere in Africa is well expanded and there is absolutely no need for the genuine miners to “search for buyers”. All such offers are to be considered fake when coming supposedly from Africa.

Small miners, like when there is 1 to 50 people even 500 people, but without organization, they never need a foreigner in other country to buy gold, because on the place there are many brokers and dealers, and same day they produce gold, they sell it, without hesitations.

In general, miners in Africa do not collect gold, especially not in quantities, to sell it later to some “foreign buyer”.

When a foreign investor wishes to buy gold in Africa, that is quite possible. One should already know little about the gold. And buying without license, depends of country to country. In Ghana, it is not simple to come, buy gold and go, as all the formalities have to be handled. Only with the local trusted help, one may go into such business. By opening a local company, then one is in the real business. See: